Saturday, November 24, 2007


We spent our thanksgiving in Troy where my dad and me ran the Troy Turkey Trot with about 5300 other runners!! We did the 5k which had about 4000 in it. Overall I got 164th with a PB of 20:20, 1st in the 19 & under. My dad ended up 2852nd. He wasnt happy with his race because he had a shin splint. It was fun though! And it didnt rain this year!! I love road races. Too bad Im missing the Jingle Jog next weekend for the SATs, BOO!

There were a ton of people at dinner, me, my parents, 3 aunts, 2 uncles, Nana and "grandpa" Dan, 8 cousins, one 2nd cousin, one 3rd cousin, 2 almost kindof cousin-in-laws, one actual cousin in law, and one dog, Caesar the Boxer. Still a bunch of people were missing, like my cousin whos a marine, hes out training somewhere, and my brother and his fiancee who decided to spend thanksgiving in Germany!!! Whats wrong with that picture.... haha. I hope they bring back pics, Ill definatly post them!!

Two of my youngest cousins, Payton and Gianni, were crazy about my cell phone. They insisted that they needed a photoshoot so they took the phone and took about 50 pictures, most of them Payton pretending to model :) They then decided it was time to make videos. They must have made about 20 of themselves (and me) singing and saying the most random nonsense ever. It was awesome.

Some of these are sideways, im too lazy to fix them, deal with it.

Payton and me.

Cousins Payton, Timmy, and Gianni.

This is what I ate, now times all this by 2 or 3 and thats how much I ate!

Caesar the dog!!

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