Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Junior Trials in Bay City

IT ROCKED!!! I got PB's in everything, AND TOP 16!!!!!!! 15th in the TT and 16th after everything else. Eleanor got 12th!! And Ansis got 9th!!!!! Lily was too young to be a junior but I think she had fun, and some PB's!! It was SOOO much fun, it seems like it gets more fun every time I skate. Even if I dont get PBs. I was put in a heat with Lana Gehring, shes an amazing short tracker as well as a long track world team member. Her form is amazing, the way she gets down so low and her strides are so long and smooth, thats how I want to skate!!! For me it was like being on the line with Ohno or Ahn! I definatly took alot out of that meet, but when Ansis asked me what I learned I couldnt tell him because somehow this stuff doesnt get saved in my brain, its saved in my muscles :P. It definatly showed during tuesday practice!! Ive NEVER felt so low and technically sound before. (The picture is El, Lily, Me, and Ansis, who is being antisocial)

As for the trip back.....we were on our way into Canada sitting on the bridge when suddenly the clutch started to give out! We were like CRAP! WERE SURROUNDED BY CARS ON A BRIDGE AT CUSTOMS AND THE CAR ISNT MOVING! So we made our way to the truck lane and Ansis pushed us to customs (I wanted to help but OBVIOUSLY since I only eat whole foods and do 4 sports Im too weak, unsuitable, and delicate to HELP PUSH AN EFFING CAR) So after much waiting, phone calls and issues we found a tow truck to take it to Canadian Tire. (AGAIN ANSIS is asked to help him push the car while I am told to WAIT IN THE TRUCK along with a certain someone who tells me right to my face im not suitable to push the car...) Come on what the hell is this, the 20's??? I said I wanted to be treated equally and got laughed at, APPARENTLY this is a new and crazy concept...

Anyway we got back at 4am and Lily and Ansis had to go to school that morning!! I decided to sleep in untill 11 and pop in on the last two clases :).

Ansis is next to the blue guy

Eleanors start, well be seeing her in a Rochester skin soon!!!

Lily in her SYRACUSE skin because she took a slide through the water in the last race! :P


My new senior portrait.

Ansis (eatting??) dinner after our 1st day of competition.

Demonic possessed Lily with lazer vision!!!

My new PB's:

500m- 51.309
1000m- 1:45.079
1500m- 2:43.975
1000m Time Trial- 1:47.530

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