Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Now for a condensed update on EVERYTHING!!

1) After much debate with the coach I ended my XC season early.

2) why? because Jr. Trials are the same weekend as Feds

3) I was not allowed to compete at States as a result of not going to Feds.

4) Which Mendon qualified for this past weekend after taking 2nd at States.

5) I found an AMAZING pancake recipe that TOTALLY blows any other ive tried away.

6) I am planning on making this recipe with apples after I finish this post.

7) Which I will test on various unsuspecting skaters at practice tonight :)

8) I GOT A CELL PHONEEEE!!!!!!!! If you want the number ask me, im not posting it. I have unlimited txting!!!

9) I am EXCITED MUCH for Jr Trials!! Itll be me, Lily and Ansis with my dad driving.

10) Lily and me are having a slumber party on thursday after practice so we can leave early friday!!!!!!!

11) Alina made it clear that we need to have another underwater tea party and that she likes calamari even though she coughed it up the first time I gave it to her.

11) We time trialed yesterday, Marcia was there! I got a PB (1000m) on my retry, fell 1st attempt.

12) Its bad enough that I made myself fall, but on a STRAIGHTAWAY?? Come on....

13) Cathy is gonna teach me how to make soakers!!!

14) Leah is awesome because she made it so I can move my legs again!!

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