Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pancake Party 3!!!

It was at my friend Meghans house (I call her Qui) She insisted they be unhealthy and fake, so we used box mix and chocolate chips! I gave her my never fail pancake recipe though just in case she feels like having healthy pancakes sometime. Heres the recipe (which I have memorized):

~e cakes~

1.5 c reg or buckwheat flour
3 tbl sugar
3.5 t baking powder
1 t salt

Mix well dry ingrediants

1 egg
1 c skim or hemp milk
1 t vanilla
3 tbl melted butter
(for apple pancakes-reccomended!!!)
add cinnemon to taste
add 2 or 3 grated apples

Mix well wet ingredients

stir together till moist, lumps are good!

DO NOT USE FAKE SYRUP!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN USING BUCKWHEAT FLOUR AND/OR APPLES!!! Trust me it tastes way better with real syrup.



Qui prepares the ingredients


Qui likes my recipe!

She also enjoys watching them cook.

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