Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clarence Invite

EVERY year we run this, its MUDDY and RAINY and COLD and MISERABLE. This year, It was MUDDY and RAINY and COLD and MISERABLE. Fortunatly it did clear up towards the end of the races. I forgot to wear my contacts so I was doing the windshield wipers the whole time :P. We may as well have been running through a mud pit the whole time. My legs looked a little cleaner at the end than in the middle but thats only because of all the knee high pond-like puddles we ran through. Thats XC for ya.

Start. LOOK! Everyones running away from coach!

My legs are clean, this must still be the beginning :P

Me finishing with some caked mud

Varsity with our bling and team champ shirts.

Girls Varsity.

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