Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pancake Party/Pancake Review #6

Chicken Curry Pancakes (Yes i'm serious)

2 eggs, separated
1.5c flour
2.5t baking powder
3 tbl sugar
3/4 t salt
1c skim milk
3tbl butter
1c chunks of cooked chicken
about 1tbl curry powder
about 1tbl chili powder
Black pepper

Beat egg whites, mix flour-salt, mix in the egg whites, milk,butter, chicken and spices.

Equipment Used:

pancake grittle, big plastic flipper, large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, measuring cups, a whisk, and an electric mixer.


Extremely strange, yes. Extremely delicious? DEFINATLY. If you like curry, you will like these pancakes, trust me on this one.


DO NOT eat them with syrup!

These were also made during our Pancake Party. You may be asking, "How the hell did you guys come up with this?" as did the 3 other people who walked into the kitchen yesterday and a half dozen others who heard about it. Well, we were bumed about the kiwi pancakes being so bad, and as Meghan was searching her fridge we found a package of chicken. We had leftover batter and decided why not, lets just put in random stuff. Then I got thinking, this wont be good without some spices, and both of us like curry so in it went! We decided it needed to be spicy too, so added some chili powder and pepper. There is a similar food in indian cuisine, I forgot the name but its a bread with chicken in it. It's kind of like that, only in pancake form. This might be good with some diced onions. Definatly a lunch/dinner pancake.

Bottom Line:

Seriously, just TRY IT!! The 3 people who were in the kitchen thought it was the most discusting thing ever, then tried it and said " delicious!!"

Mad Pancake Scientist!

Mmm chicken

They were so good we had to make more!!


Pancakes are FUN!!

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