Monday, August 20, 2007

1000 Islands/No Pancakes

Sorry all you pancake review fans, I was going to make a new recipe today but we ran out of eggs. This recipe I have in mind will be interesting, it will involve kiwis, so stay tuned!

Anyway, this weekend I missed out on the only chance to go mountain climbing this year (courtesy of Leslie) and went to the 1000 islands (my parents insisted) and did nothing. It was cold, rainy, and when it wasnt rainy it was too sunny. See, I could deal with this if I had something to do (climb mountains) but I didnt. It looks nice in the picture, but got down to about 40. It was too cold to go swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, or any other water related activity. Except fishing, its never too cold for that. (Its never too cold for mountain climbing either). I caught about 12 Perch and a few Rock Bass, we kept 3 of the Perch and grilled m up for dinner. Ive never had Perch untill now, and I can say they are not only a mild white fish (I hate mild white fish) but they are dangerous to eat. They are filled with bones, every bite was crunchy and I was worried for my intestines! (Mountain climbing is safer). I felt horrible for killing them after I realized how bad they tasted.

Heres my dinner, poor little guys.

(And heres an unrelated picture (which I wrote on due to boredom) of Alina, Cherise, me and Noah when Cherise came to practice a couple weeks ago, we had some good ice cream after at Corkys!)

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