Monday, August 13, 2007

Adirondack Fun

Actually, this was the most do-nothing-accept-lay-in-the-hammock-and-read-Harry Potter vacation ive ever had. Im not gonna say it sucked, but it was not as action packed as id hoped it would be. I didnt get to go mountain climbing, which is really depressing. I couldnt find anyone to climb with since Liam and Anne (brother, his fiancee) didnt have time to, my friend from XC couldnt come, my dad wouldnt let me go alone. This will be the first year I havent climbed since I learned to walk.

I did get to go to Lake Placid a few hundred times though! Thats where I did all my workouts. I did my 1-leg squats the Rocky way!! I used BOULDERS instead of weights. It was intense.
John Dimon told me about this awesome hill I could do low walks on. It took me about an hour to find it and when I got there I thought I was in the wrong place, theres a sign that says "No Trespassing" in front of the 1st entrance to the hill. Luckly, on the other side theres another entrance where you CAN trespass. :P

Did you know Dimon Sports has Hammer products now?? I must have bought a million Hammer Bars. Thoes things are GREAT.
Skater candy? Maybe. Best thing you ever tasted after a workout? Definatly.
My dad decided to get some speed skates while we were there, he may try to skate this year so encourage him to race!!!
Craig-watch out, he says hes coming for you!
I tried to bike with the Placid Planet people. It didnt work. I tried though! Thoes guys are like Jim! I kept up for the first lap of our 10 mile loop and then they look off. In trying to keep up with them, my feet got numb, my knees turned purple, I was hyperventilating, and after the ride I looked in the mirror and my eyes were completely bloodshot! Ive NEVER felt like that during a ride before, GREAT workout! Kudos to the Placid Planet riders, I wish I could ride like them. They didnt even break a sweat!

We also went to the race track, this year I think I broke even! My dad only bets on the grey horses and the long-shots, so nothing on his side either. My brother and Anne dont like to bet on horses because its too much pressure. They hate loosing ;-).

And about the Harry Potter thing....YES I really did start reading it. Still am. Probably will be for the next few years. Anne? She read it all yesterday afternoon. All 759 pages. FOR THE SECOND TIME.

Ready to see the worlds best sand castle?

And this one was just a warmup for that first one!

This is the castle after the sky decided it didnt like it and spat on it. :(

Me tubing...kinda....

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