Saturday, April 21, 2007

Us VS. Some Other Team

Yeah, we could have pretty much crushed them walking, we didnt have to run. the score was something rediculous like 75 to 42. Since we did not have any competition all our times sucked and alot of people were up to 5 seconds off their PB's. I was 5 seconds off in my split of the 400m relay (WTF) and 2 inches off in the high jump. But I sucked in that to begin with. The coach put me in the high jump because neither team had anyone there so if I jumped Id win us some puntos. I jumped, cleared it, won, tried for a higher height, crashed, burned, skinned my elbow, landed on the bar, chiropractor isnt in till monday. BOO! I also did the 800m for the first time, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be but im still feeling kinda sketchy about it. Its too fast for too long. But I came in 2nd behind Shaylin, which I am fine with b/c she is pretty much the fastest runner ever. I wasnt too far behind though! *wink wink*

My Meet Times:
400m relay (my split): *cough*65sec*cough*
800m: 2:31sec
High Jump: 4'4"

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