Wednesday, April 11, 2007

KC Tea & Noodles

It's this place on Park Ave. with the BEST seseme chicken in the world. No joke. Even my chinese friend thinks so. I dont know what they do differently, the sauce maybe? It's also the only place in Rochester that serves Bubbletea (thats worth going to, the other 2 suck...BAD...dont even look for them). For thoes who do not know what Bubbletea (BBLT) is, it's fresh fruit and tea blended together with pearls of tapioca on the bottom which are cooked untill they are sweet and chewy like a gummy then are rolled in a honey mixture. Most people hear that and gag but give it a chance, it doesnt taste like tapioca. Then you drink it with a huge straw so you can get the bubbles. My favorite flavor is watermelon, thats the flavor they do best. Ive had a few other flavors and they are all very good but just not as good as the watermelon. To give you an idea of how good BBLT is, ill drink it with my PB&J. It's THAT good.

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