Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spring Semester Classes

I just signed up for spring classes and after 3 YEARS im FINALLY taking classes for my major...Unfortunately I had no choice but to take 2 morning classes twice a week. I figured its better to get them out of the way now and miss morning practice while im still not competitive.

Here's my schedule in all its glory:

BIO: Global Environmental Issues: T, H 910-1030am
ENVST: Intro Env + Sustainability: T, H 1045am-1215
ENVST: Mandatory environmental major field trip to who knows where for 2 days in April.
HIST: American Civilization (online) The last of my stupid pointless gen ed requirements!!
Zumba: T, H 2-250 to make up for my missed morning practices... (yeah I get 2 credits for that lol)

(ENVST=environmental studies)

Yay interesting classes!

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