Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alright fine...

Heres a new post! Id like to say i've been too busy to post but in reality i've just been lazy. So whats been happening with me you ask?

I RACED for the first time in over a year thats what! After 2 (well, 3) false starts I managed to stumble 500 meters in 49.2 seconds! Thanks to Donald Nelson for this vid.
It felt great to race again, I plan on doing these time trials at the oval every other week so I can stay motivated through my "trial season". I originally hadn't planned on racing till next year so as not to embarrass myself, but racing is the only reason I skate!

School wise, IM DONE WITH MY GED EDS AFTER 3 YEARS!!! I can finally move on to fun environmental studies classes. I feel like im super close to my degree even though in reality I probably still have 3 years.

What do I do for fun now?

I hang from weather balloons thats what!! Just kidding...Jerry Search put this together. Looks like fun though...

But really, I went camping a couple times last month which lead to some interesting experiences. The first time I went to Grand Titon National Park in Wyoming with Garrett. The first night we camped at Bear Lake in northern Utah, sky was clear and it was beautiful so we slept under the stars. Next day we drove to the park and it was super nice there, big trees, big mountains, good beer.
We were chatting with a park ranger and asked how the bear activity was. She told us theres been a lot, especially in the Shadow Mountain area where we were going to camp that night. We didnt think anything of it and later that day were on our way to the site when all the sudden we look at each other and both say "I have a bad feeling about this..". We got the same uneasy feeling at the same time about camping there because of the bears. Since we both felt liek something might happen that night we decided to drive out of wyoming back into Utah to Logan Canyon.
However, on the way out of Grand Titon, I said to Garrett, its like final destination, we were supposed to die tonight...not I bet a moose will walk in front of us and kill us. about 10 seconds after I said that a GIANT MOOSE with HUGE antlers walks out in front of us. I slam on the breaks and this thing is literally 3 feet in front of us and its PISSED. It starts to charge the car when it gets distracted by another car that came from the other direction. It seemed undecided on which car it disliked the most and then got fed up and went back into the forest.
Death averted...again. Or so I THOUGHT.
We were more than a little creeped out by the timing of the incidents and the incidents themselves, and yet the night was not over. About 5 minutes later these 2 cars come out from behind me riding my bumper and swerving. I think oh wow theyre drunk and I pull over to let them pass and they follow me to the side of the road. I get nervous and get back on the road, as do they. They continue to follow like before. Garrett suggests we lead them to a police station but the nearest one wasnt for at least an hour and we had no reception either. By some miracle about 20 minutes later when I pull over for the third time they pass me. We soon find a camp spot, relax and realise how lucky we were to still be alive! Now THATS a camping trip.

What blog post would be complete without one of my cakes?

Red velvet for Jamahl's 20th.

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Michael Looby said...

I am so envious of that crossover! Liz "Lobby" did great, but when the hood was just a little back on the head, you looked Amish!