Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Im back on the internet!

My hard drive died right after thanksgiving so I wasnt able to post about it. I lost all my documents and pictures but luckily most of the pics were on facebook. I went to Norcal with Gabi and Chris ( my teammates) to Gabis moms house. It was super fun, heres a list of things I experienced for the first time on this trip:

I saw for the first time:

The Pacific
Palm trees
Almond trees
orange trees
lemon trees
sea lions
a wharf
Huge redwood trees
a miniature horse

Places I went to for the first time:

Salt Flats

Places within california:

Paradise- where gabis mom lives
San Jose- to see the Sharks of course
San Francisco- is awesome
Santa Cruz- sweet beach town where gabis grandma lives

Pretty exciting stuff. We went with gabis sister to san fran and we stopped at Urban Outfitters to get matching mustache sunglasses which we all wore for the rest of the trip thus enhancing every picture we We met up with Matt and his sister in the city and they showed us all around, then we crashed his family reunion dinner.


Now for Christmas- I flew to Iowa City to my brothers house where I still am right now. I got a bunch of sweet stuff including CUSTOM OAKLEYS for skating :) My brother and his girlfriend got me a couple Rugrats shirts and a orange iguana hoodie from that old Nickelodeon show called legends of the hidden temple.

I got another mustache for Christmas haha!

This is Cooper, hes my nephew.

For new years ill be going to boston with Karen and hopefully ill be able to see some friends and my aunt Jane while im there.

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Gabi said...

I like how I randomly searched for your blog on the day you update it after forever. Anyways I added your blog to my roll.