Saturday, December 4, 2010


Mk. Ive been kinda lazy and there hasnt been anything going on.. But I guess so far Im walking better and I can do more exercises. Im spinning, doing some weights and lots of core. I almost have a 6 pack :) I lost 2 more lbs. Grand total weight loss since the accident=18 lbs. Once I get my strength back ill be a lean mean skating machine.

Im thinking about getting a hamster. I want a teddy bear hamster though and they dont seem to sell them in utah...Ill keep looking and if I have to go to wyoming to get one I will! Its name will be Lieutenant Booboo.

There are so many things I want to do now. Ive been planning my 21st birthday for a while now, its gonna be epic no matter what. Me and some teammates were thinking about carpooling to Vancouver and if that doesnt work out well go to Vegas.
Me and Jerebelle were just talking about skydiving and theres a place like half an hour from us that charges 190 per person, so if I have any money for it this summer were gonna get a little group together and SKYDIVE!!! Its on the TOP of my bucketlist. Which ive been thinking about more seriously since my accident. It would be a shame if I dont get to skydive before I die. Having an epic birthday/roadtrip/vacation like im planning for my 21st is also something I really want to do.
Its so weird. Ive been thinking about how horrible that crash could have been. The blade was only 2mm from cutting my artery and if it did I would be dead, theres no question. I was out on the ice for so long before they got me to the hospital.
Im insane for risking my life to accomplish my skating goals...but even after what happened I want to keep doing it. This makes it more important to me to be able to do some of these one in a lifetime things.

Ohh yeah thanksgiving. I was gonna make a post but I spent thanksgiving with my teammates at Andreas parents house. My mom was there too. (Shes going back to Rochester on monday btw). It was super fun. We played a game where we all anonymously put a piece of paper in a bag with something we were thankful for, then we passed the bag around and everyone read a card out loud and we had to guess whos it was. So that was fun, and the food was amazing. Here are some pics.

Table #1

Table #2

Jerebelle & me

Jus chillin.

Andrea & KD



Boudie said...

Hey Liz hope u are doing well. Saw u at the rink the other day and didn't get to say hi. so hi!

Alex Ianculescu said...

Awesome post. Also glad to see a pic of Mickey! Haven't seen him in Ages!