Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas and New Years (Part 1)

Im in ROC now! My flight on monday was delayed in JFK but no big deal. This lady there was with her toddler when the toddler ran up to me going for the iced tea i had sitting on the ground. I saw it coming so I picked it up pretended to drink it and ignored him. The mom came up and said: sorry, and thanks he was going for the drink.
Me: Thats ok, I saw it coming. I remember when I was like that way back when.
the mom: Yup hes very curious and sneaky this one...
Then she walked away. She came back up to me a minute later and said: "You know, you DO have this devious look about you would be sneaky and run away given the chance... I guess you never grow out of it!"
This struck me as an interesting thing to say to a complete stranger. But apparently I look devious!

Anyway. Ive been getting acupuncture from Leslie, fun! He put needles all down my leg, on my back, and all over my foot.
Evidence of fun.

This cut didnt look like it hurt enough lets stick some needles in it. And throw on some salt while were at it. HAHA Im just kidding, Leslie is good at this.

Ive been seeing a lot of my friends but I mostly only have pics with karen, and one with Ash and one with me, Clarissa, Meghan and Karen. I went to get cupcakes with Meghan today at the cupcake shop in town and I forgot to take a pic! O well. We all had fun at Javas the other day and well do some more stuff after xmas.

So Ash works at starbucks now so we went in o visit her. I remembered this one pic of me and karen drinking starbucks way back in high school so we reenacted it :)



Im also happy to see my kitty again!!

Isnt she cute?!

Ok shes not really evil....she likes hiding under the blanket.

And of course this is the first place I went when I got here.

And I went to the tea shop inside and had me a pot of blooming tea with some petits fours.

Also, I watched Senior National Championships last weekend. Even though it was sad since this was the first Sr Champs I qualified for (they didnt even send me my invite!!), It was very interesting being there to watch instead of a completely different perspective on racing. Landon decided he wanted to join the Sliced Skater Club and got cut by a skater in front of him in the thigh and chest...I freaked out of course. But he was ok, just needed stitches, he didnt cut anything except muscle. He got lucky. But ill never skate without a cutproof ever again. They came out with these new ones that are really comfortable and thinner and stronger than the old itchy yellow ones. All I got to say to all you skaters: Wear your cutproof. We dont want any new members in this exclusive club.

Im going to Boston on the 2nd with Karen, but ill make a post before then.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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