Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas/New years part 2

It was a good christmas. My brother came home for a couple days, I wanted to get garbage plates but we didnt have the time. Thats ok though...theyre a little bit We cooked a turkey for xmas dinner that didnt cook all the way the first time so we ended up having side dishes and desert and had the turkey the next day, haha!
My dad was afraid he wouldnt get maple sugar candy but I think everyone and their mother gave it to him, so hes set for the year.

My mom also got him this TV series on DVD called Danger UXB. Its really interesting, its about these "volunteers" for the Royal Engineers Unexploded Bomb division during WWII as they try to disarm these bombs around London.
As for me, I got a ton of chococat and hello kitty stuff, a nice jacket, some gift cards to American Eagle and Einsteins, a chinese character painting book, and...Ill just let the pictures do the talking.

Yup I was kinda spoiled this year.

Its been nice seeing all my friends again, I hung out with Meghan and Clarissa the other day and we went and got Korean food.
Last night I made kimbap and cupcakes with Karen, Wendy, Dennis, and Yuhang.

Karen made us bibimbap with the leftover kimbap ingredients.

Happy New Years Eve!

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