Thursday, May 13, 2010


Soooo its been kinda crazy lately. Ill list off the new unusual occurrences:

- I got a job at bath and body with Gabi
- Jun came back from korea
- Gabi me and Jun are in the process of looking for an apartment
- Jun is now the assistant national team coach
- We are still waiting to see who our new coach will be but we have a couple hunches...
- Since we dont have a coach yet we get to train with the national team!
- Since half our team (mainly the girls) are now on the national team along with our coach, training doesnt seem any different, lol
- Speaking of training we started up again a few days ago. We are in pain. We cant walk normally on stairs anymore. :P
- I went to Ikea a few weeks ago and got some really cool cacti.
- I like cherry cupcakes
- Were going for a bike ride saturday and im super pumped.
- Im making a mix 90's music CD as we speak.
- I just went to get my hair trimmed and she gave me this really cool braid:

- Jun has not once since hes been back "said" I was fat. But Im pretty sure thats what pinching my arm fat and making a sound of disgust means. But he hasnt SAID it!! lol.
- Today was our first day on the ice and Jae-su is very helpful and didnt make us feel bad about our skating at all. Jun on the other hand was amused and laughed at our pathetic failure the whole time. Hahaha!
- The Sharks are in the playoffs so that means whenever a game is on dont try to call me, I wont be able to hear you over the screaming and chaos Gabi will be creating.
- My parents sent me the old school nintendo!!!! I now feel complete. :D



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