Sunday, May 23, 2010

New place, new pics!

Me Gabi and Jun are all moved into our new townhouse! Its only 5 min from the oval and its really nice. Ill take some pics later and post them. Right now we have no furniture in the livingroom except a small Ikea coffee table and a tiny chair Gabi had, it looks kinda funny cuz the room is so big, haha. I want to fill it with cool retro stuff from garage sales and thrift shops, give it a coffee shop feel. Then I need to get a coffee maker to give it the coffee shop smell too :)

We just finished a medium training week, which is the hardest Ive ever experienced. Next week is a hard week...if there are no more posts after this one, assume the worst, lol.

A few weeks ago I went hiking in north salt lake with Nick, 4 hrs, i forget how many vert feet, but there were nice views of the city and the snow covered Uintas to the east.

About a week after that, Gabi, Mikey, Britt, Andrea and me went to a Bees game. They won and we took our tickets to Sonic to get FREE SLUSHIES! Yessss.

This is the Aerobar Andrea got me for my birthday, they sell these in Utah now!!

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