Sunday, March 28, 2010

Supplement to Earth Hour

My career goal is to someday make people realize that global warming is basically human action that is speeding up a natural cycle in the earths global average temperatures. An ice age and a warming period will happen with or without us, and the ecosystems can adapt to these natural changes. They always have. However, at the rate we are speeding it up, the ecosystems can NOT adapt, and will die. My goal is to beat sense into those who are trying to convince people otherwise, because its all politics and money for them. What they dont seem to get is that it doesnt matter how much money you have when you and most everything else on the planet is DEAD.
Just realize most people who are trying to convince you that global warming isnt happening are not scientists, never studied meteorology or any earth science, and probably have degrees in econ or political science. Take for example the founder of the weather channel. No meteorology degree. He made a youtube video against global warming, however he didnt not include all the facts, did not cite graphs and data, and to prove his point, he only took bits and pieces of the whole picture. What bugs me is he also said theres no way we can have global warming now because the global average temperature is decreasing, and showed this graph that only covered the past 20 years or so. It is true that the average global temperature is decreasing at this moment. But take a look at this graph that actually includes over 4000 years of temperature patterns, and youll see why we are still in trouble:

Here is a graph compiled by actual climatologists. I believe this is accurate, however I wish I could find one that went back a few million years like the one my teacher showed us in class. It looked like this, so just pretend it goes back farther. :) Notice if you will the gradual, GRADUAL increases and decreases in average global temperature. The sharp increases as you can see are all happening around major volcanic eruptions. HOWEVER take a look at the most current increase. There are no eruptions to cause this. Its happening around the industrial revolution. There is nothing else that could be causing that increase except human industrial activity. If you can think of a different reason that doesn't include human activity please tell me so I may inform my professor and the rest of the scientific community. Say we never went through the industrial revolution. Around 1900 where all of the eruptions stopped, that decrease would have continued into a deeper ice age, then temperature would have gradually increased again.
Now, seeing as how short lived and shallow that last ice age was thanks to our industrialization, how small do you think our next one will be? As you can see on the graph, temperatures are dropping again, as they would in this natural cycle. But at the rate at which the earth is warming, the next cooling period will not last long or be very cool compared to past cooling periods, and the preceding warming period will be even warmer and will come fast, as did the last one. Therefore, we have a rapidly warming earth. The end.

Im done with my rant. If you still don't get it, please, comment back with your arguments and I will prove you wrong with science and facts. I have many reliable resources.

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