Thursday, March 4, 2010

skiing and ice climbing

I have a bunch of pics to post from the past few weeks but I havent had any free time till now so here it goes. A few weeks ago...ok im not gonna lie it was way more than a few weeks it was back on the 14th, I went skiing with Garrett and a couple of his friends at the bird and took some crazy cool pics. Way too much powder for my GS skis though, the mountain pretty much pwnd me. Twisted my knee pretty bad and couldnt walk for a day but surprisingly it completely healed in only 2 days.

The clouds at the same level as the trail!

Ice Climbing II class in Ouray, CO.

Carpooled with a classmate. The drive was about 6 hours but we had the most interesting and random conversations so it seemed shorter. Went from religion to chocolate to drugs to southpark episodes, lol. Stayed in cool little cabins in town, I bunked up with 2 others. The first morning we climbed it was 11 degrees out. The next day it was a little warmer but not by much. After climbing and dinner at this awesome mexican place with monster nachos we went to the hot springs. Water was about 108 degrees :) Getting in and out was the hard part, it was still in the teens outside. My hair froze on the way back to the cabin, haha. There was a climb I did that day, hardest route ive ever done. It was completely vertical and had a little "cave" near the top that required some navigation to get around. On the way up I fell and dropped an ice pick, so my instructor, being the badass/insane crazy person he is, climbed it back up to me without being attached to a rope half the time, no big deal.
He eventually knotted sketchily onto my rope kindof...but I dont think it would have held him if he fell, haha. Hes a pro.
We were mock lead climbing that day and its good I was still attached to a top rope cuz I ran out of ice screws (the things you put into the ice to keep you from falling to your death if your not attached to a top rope) before the top, that would have sucked, lol. So on the way down I remembered the "cave" below me and the instructor reminded me to stay to the right of it while repelling so I didnt fall into it, and naturally I slipped and fell into it headfirst, haha. But it was basically just an indent in the ice/rock so it was shallow.

Nate the crazy instructor.

See the cave at the top? Thats what I fell into, haha.

Chocolate ice climbing sculptures at Mouses Chocolate.

The very first ice screw ive ever placed!

Ninja garb.

Downtown Ouray

The fire we made one night.

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