Monday, March 8, 2010

Nationals- WI

Just got back today. Ive got mixed feelings about this meet. On one hand, I havent been skating well at all in practice or at the other am cup meets, and that was the best ive skated since before trials. I won the 500m and got 2nd in the 1000 and 1500. Looking at pictures, it looks like my form is better than it has been since the beginning of the season. On the other hand, I know that I can skate better, because I did at desert classic before trials. So even though I know I havent been training at my best or training hard enough so that I could reach my own expectations im still disappointed with the results. Marty talked to me about this middle of the road deal, if your only half in you have to be satisfied with whatever results you get, if you cant accept it then youll be frustrated and unhappy and thats not a good place to be. So all in or all out are the better choices. For next season I would like to be all in, although having full time school on the side doesnt help at all. 13 credit hours plus 6-8hrs of skating a day do not mix. Well see how things go...
Anyway I fell in the 1500m superfinal which lost me the possible 1st place overall. I wouldnt have had to worry about winning the superfinal if I had won the 1000, but I didnt pass up when I should have. Looking back on these races ill say next season ill definitely be paying more attention to strategy.

PS Gabi met a photographer on the plane that wanted to shoot us so her Andrea and me all went over to his studio and got a free photoshoot in our skates! He said hed send us the pics in a couple weeks. Ill post them when they come.

Jerry Search took this, I think its my 500. My first meet not wearing glasses, I look so mean without them, lol.

Annnd the traditional photobooth at the airport pics.

This is the most ridiculous picture ever, mostly because of Morgan, LOL.

Me and Jun as he pretends not to know me.

Gabi and me on the plane.


we couldnt rent any vans so we had to get 2 little cars, we fit 5 of us plus baggage in a honda civic, this is what that looked like. Mikey is buried on the right.

Our pink rejects relay team (all of us that werent on the pink ladies team, which was made up of 4 of the faster girls on our team)

Mikey was our alternate since we didnt have a 4th case you dont know you have to have 4 people on a relay so we really were rejects. (you cant have guys on the team either, his title was just honorary, lol)

my 1500 silver.

This is Jun wherever we go. He sleeps 24/7. If I werent in front of him getting on the plane to prop him up he wouldnt have made it to his seat, LOL.

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