Thursday, July 23, 2009

new place

So I finally have internet on my own computer! That means more regular posts. I moved in with some other people on my team in a house in north salt lake, Anthony, Nick, and Terri (who sometimes records our practices and takes really cool pictures of other things) and next month Brittany will move in too! Love my room, its bigger than my last one and its downstairs where its nice n cool when its 100 out. like every day. Practice is the same, 8 hour days at the oval, mon-sat. Besides the occasional usually once a month field study I have no life outside skating. I pretty much just come home eat and sleep, haha. BUT! this weekend I plan on making an amazing cake. I was warming up today by making cookies, but I forgot I was at a higher altitude so I burned the bottoms. This is good though, ill know for the cake. Just so you all know Im not actually eating all this, the cookies I actually had to make for nick and terri cuz I lost a bet, lol. Ive lost 4 lbs since I started that diet, Jun wants me to lose 4 more. Also, the reason I had time to make cookies today was because I didnt go to practice this morning. I was just so incredibly beat up and exhausted from so many hard weeks in a row. I woke up, got dressed, and sat there for like 10 minutes fighting with myself debating wether I should actually go or not. I ultimately decided I would just suck in practice if I went like I have the past week and went back to bed. I think it was a wise decision, I might not have made it through the 2nd workout today if I hadnt skipped the first one. I guess I did pretty well, Jun gave me a pat on the back instead of a whack, haha!

Heres some pics from last sundays weather balloon launch.
(Thats me with the balloon!)

The sounding (data) from the balloon. Red is temp, blue is dew point, where they meet is a cloud.

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