Sunday, July 26, 2009

My own recipe...

Try Lizs exploding flaming crumbly cake today!!
Heres the story.
I went to play paintball with some skaters, horrible idea. It was very painful! But Anthonys buying me a sundae for playing more than one game, haha. I got some nice welts on my head, butt, arm and leg. Here are some of my battle wounds:

Then, I went to make this amazing chocolate butter cake ive been planning ALL WEEK. The batter is perfect. It smells amazing. Then, I open the oven door to check on it, it had exploded all over the oven, then caught fire! Im like wow for real?? This is really gonna happen right now?? So im thinking. How do I put out a fire in the oven? I blow on it, swat it with the oven mit, didnt work. im like well, I know water in an oven might be a not so great idea but here goes. I sprinkled some water in there and POOF there goes my visibility. I got the cakes the hell outta there and spent a good half hour scraping the mess off the sides and top of the cake pan and in the oven, but there is good news! the cakes are still edible and DELICIOUS. So im like oh I can just put these here on the cooling rack. Then it tipped over and stuck to the pan while other parts of it proceeded to stay on the cooling rack...theres goes my cake. But even though I can no longer stack and frost it, it still tastes amazing. So im gonna put it in a plastic bag in chunks and call it chocolate crumble. mmm. Meanwhile, Anthony is calling Nick and Terri to "get back to the house, NOW." because he didnt trust I had the situation under control. So now I guess im on kitchen probation according to Anthony, and he will explain that when he gets home. Oops...

PS I just finished scooping the remnants of the cake into a plastic bag...the thing is, its probably some of the best chocolate cake ive ever tasted :)

Heres some chocolate banana bread I successfully made yesterday

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Meghan said...

Liz, your life is never dull.
and I REALLY wish that I had been there making that cake with you!
partly because I really want to try some and partly because I'm a little bit of a pyromaniac...
love you! :)