Sunday, June 21, 2009


I GOT A NEW BIKE!!!! Its a Trek triple 1.5, super nice. LIME GREEN. And I even got them to customize the handle tape to match :) I walked into the bike shop, and it was the first bike I saw, love at first sight. Before I went to the bike shop, I was struggling to come up with a name for my future bike, but once I saw it Maki popped into my head and it fit perfectly. I dont know why, theres no good reason to call it Maki, maybe I was hungry. But it looks like a Maki right?

So I havent been posting partly because I still dont have internet, partly because of my practice schedule, and partly because im not conscious in my free time. Heres what my day is like now: wake up 545am, eat, skate, dryland, eat, sleep, ice, dryland, eat, go to bed at 830. Yup. Exciting life. Most of the time I dont even choose to take a nap, ill get back from morning practice and suddenly ill wake up and itll be time to go to practice again! On one day last week I was at the Oval for a total 8 hours. I think it was a 9.9 week. Jun rates the volume of each training week, supposedly its on a scale from 1-10 but so far weve seen 6.5-9.9. Mostly 9.9. Why not 10 you ask? I have no idea. My theory is that in korean training philosophy you cant have a 10 week because you can NEVER train hard enough. Cant wait to go back to Rochester for some r&r.

Theres a dietitian at the Oval, Ted. Hes given us all tailored diet plans. According to Jimmy and Jun Im fat and need to stop eating. (lol) Jun put it this way: "you need to find a boyfriend, fall in love, have him break up with you so youll be so upset youll stop eating!" Apparently thats what happens when girls get dumped in korea. So we all had body fat tests done, and to everyones surprise I had the lowest body fat at 14%. You should have seen the looks on Jun and Jimmys faces, haha! It was great. Heres the good part, this is Jimmy accepting the fact that im not fat: "You look fat...but youre not...huh.." HAHA.

Anyway, my diet is set up so I can lose 5 lbs of fat, so when I take the body fat test again the goal is to go down by about 2%. Before I was eating 3000-3500 calories a day, and now im eating 3050-3300, so no big deal. I have to eat low calorie bread, no cheese, no stuffed pasta, lasagna, sugar, more veggies and fruit etc. The good thing is I can drink as much chocolate milk as I want!! O a cool thing I found out from the nutrition analysis is exactly how much milk I drink. I consumed 2957mg of calcium in one day, 7.7 cups, when the recommended amount for me was 3.5c or 1000mg, lol.

Heres some korean food Jimmy made, mmm.

PS I quit my mascot Job, I couldnt take it anymore. lol.

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Meghan said...

AAH! Cool bike!
I'm glad that you were proven to not be fat! I knew it all along <3
when are you coming back to Rochester? :)