Sunday, August 2, 2009

This past week

This weekend wasnt very exciting, especially compared to last weekend. But heres what went on:

- We did jumps on thursday that made my shins so sore Jun made me get off the ice friday morning because I could hardly skate

- That night I went in for a nice relaxing massage and got trigger point instead, and im sure people down the street could hear me scream. The whole time im thinking "Ive never done a workout that hurt this bad, WHY SHOULD THE MASSAGE HURT WORSE THAN THE WORKOUTS!!?"

- Sat morning we had to be on the ice even earlier at 650am to do 9 lap and 4 lap time trials that went horribly for me, im thinking partly because of the shins and also from being exhausted and weak from the past week, even though it was only a 6 week (note its on a 4-9.9 scale). Andrea somehow decided she was gonna go ahead and get a 2 second PB in a practice idea where that energy came from but thats cool.

- Sat I decided I needed a sundae so I went to Coldstone and got a chocolate sundae with peanut butter, hot fudge, and MMs. Then I went out and ran it all off, no harm done :) Highlight of the week.

- Next week is a 4.0 week YAY

- Ive been eating pasta and pbj everyday (except for the day when Anthony cooks) because I dont know how/am usually too tired/lazy to cook. So if anyone has FAST and EASY and CHEAP recipe ideas lemme know!

- I noticed I now have over 10,000 views. Who are you people?! I dont have THAT many relatives and friends! But im flattered. Really. Its nice to know my life is so entertaining to so many ive never met, lol!


Meghantron said...

all 10,000 are ME!!! WAHAHAHA
just kidding.
I don't stalk you THAT much.

Shanrrrrn said...

Well about half of them are from my mom, so that narrows it down lol