Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yeah so after nationals I didn't write forever because were on our 1 month break from training till April 13th. Thats when I realized I have no life and have nothing exciting to write about! haha. I guess there are a couple things I could write... like the other night I went to my friends marimba/xylophone performance which was awesome. And this cocoa place Andrew Love told me about Cocoa Cafe is where I have been living since skating ended! I swear they put crack in the cocoa or something. Its so thick its like hot fudge, or as Andrew put it "Its like a chocolate bar committed suicide in a cup." Ohhhh sooo goooodddd.

Anyway here are the nationals pics. I got 5 medals, 2nd in the 500 and 1000m, 3rd in the 1500m and 1500m superfinal, and 4th in the team relay. I got 2nd overall :)

Andrea and me dukin it out in the corner.

Jun (coach) sharpened all our skated the night before and lined them all up we thought it was cute so Gabi took a picture, haha.

We ate ALOT of Jimmy Johns.

We went to this korean/chinese place for dinner.

And now..the 500m final. It was intense. After consistently getting 3rd there was no way I was letting this one go. I started in the middle, got passed, passed back, got dropped in the last lap but found a burst of energy and made a very sketchy pass in the last corner. The girl in front of me had her hand down pivoting and I skated right through her. I was lucky I didn't get a DQ but id rather have gotten disqualified then get 3rd again. It worked!

2nd place! BOOyaah.

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Anonymous said...

Second overall, but the 1st placed true intermediate (17-18 year old). That should be good enough for jr. category 1. Congrats in advance!