Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

I hope everyone will be/is/did doing/do this today! from 830-930 turn your lights OFF. If you don't know why go here:

I want people to know that this is not just a bunch of treehugger BS. Ive heard already from many people that "nobody does this" I feel stupid sitting in the dark" "This wont really help anything". Actually it does help. It DOES send a message, it DOES save a little energy, and it DEFINITELY cuts back on light pollution, if only for an hour. So go outside and enjoy the stars while you can see them! Go play scrabble or cards by candlelight! Tell ghost stories! From my sister in law, I even heard they're having candlelight cocktail parties in NYC! Heres proof that im not lying.




Amazing, isnt it? All it took was a little global awareness...

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Michael Looby said...

I did it. Not sure if others around Rochester did, but our neighborhood looked dark