Monday, March 30, 2009


So I hereby dub yesterday to be Funday. It was the best day ever! Usually sundays in slc are boring, everythings closed. But not on Funday! Garrett took me to this church, it was actually pretty fun and ive never said that about a church before. There was a band playing when we walked in and they had huge screens up with the lyrics, there were 2 drum sets an electric base a violin a guitar and some singers. Cool! Then we went out to this waffle place for breakfast mmmm. Then I went up to Herber Valley near park city where he lives and we drove up this sketchy little road up the side of a mountain with amazing views, but we had to turn back because we couldn't see the road anymore, haha. Then we went snorkeling in the Homestead Crater which is a hot springs in a volcanic crater cave, the only one like it in the world!! Its about 70 feet deep and the water refreshes itself every 4 hours or so so it was ok to drink, and it tasted pretty good because of all the minerals in it! The walls inside were cool because you could see more rock forming, the mineral water splashes on the walls and the minerals get stuck in little hair like formations on the rocks and harden in time. There was a cloud in the crater when we went because it was snowing so heres a clear pic.

Then we went to Park City (by this time a huge snowstorm had blown in) and ate some good pizza and got carmel apples (my first carmel apple ever!!), went into a bookstore, found the outdoor section and planned a bunch of hikes for the summer. #1 on the list is Mt. Timpanogos, elevation 11,749 ft

I think its the prettiest mountain in the Salt Lake area, its got a really long ridge and two peaks, legend says it took the shape of an indian woman who froze to death on the top.

Speaking of freezing, this storm was going crazy. The freeway that goes from Park City to Salt Lake through the mountains is the most dangerous road in the US. The radar was broken so there was no data on this huge storm. So we were looking at the road conditions and web cams online, they put up the flashing lights requiring everyone driving to have 4 wheel drive or chains and you couldn't even see the roads. There were at least 2 semis that flipped or crashed. It kinda reminded me of Ice Road Truckers. So I stayed over at Garretts, I didn't feel like dying last night, haha. Then we started a fire and had some hot cocoa. Awesome day!

That storm was still going on this morning, were getting another one tonight and it will storm until saturday!! You know what this means. Im going skiing sunday.

This is the village around the crater, it was settled by Swedish people so all the houses and buildings were pretty cool looking, almost like a little Switzerland with the mountains in the back!

Hot spring crater!

Theres a fence around the top opening so this guy doesnt fall 50 feet into the water!

Hes always taking pictures when im taking pictures, lol


Meghan said...

Funday sounds AMAZING!
I'm a little jealous.
but we both know that I probably wouldn't be as cool as you and actually go to such cool places.
haha luf you!!!
I was getting worried cause you didn't have a new post in a while but all was explained and then you had like 2-3 new ones!!! shocking!
also, Congratu-freakin'-lations!!!!
You're so amazing, Liz!!!
with the speed skatingness!
I'm so proud :) <3

Michael Looby said...

E, I have a book I've been reading about the history of Utah and it has a whole chapter on Mt. Timp and how about 100 years ago the athletic director at BYU started this big annual hike there, and it became for years the thing to do in Utah in summer.