Monday, January 7, 2008

Lake Placid MaDdNeSs!!!!!

I drove up with Tim, Karen, and the Moose! It was fun, we stayed at the Olympic Motor with this guy who was awesome, he had outside-the-box opinions about everything!! My second time EVER on the long track. I really like it, I get something out of it I don't get from short track. That feeling when you step onto the ice, hear that clapping from everyones skates, and that amazing view!!! It's so liberating! Maybe it's unique to outdoor ovals, I haven't been on an indoor one yet. I made a poem about the Oval a while ago, right after I skated the Charles Jewtraw meet.

When I reread it I want to go back for more!!
Who doesnt love Lake Placid?!

Here are my times:
1000m - 138.25 (PB by 4 seconds!!)
500m - 48.52 (PB by 4 seconds again!!)

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures from the meet, Ive got some crappy cell phone videos too!! (just TURN THE VOLUME DOWN i was screaming into the phone...)

Julie and Mitch

My bug eye glasses!

Amazing, isnt it?

Kids pack style race

Its Lily the Oblivious!!


Lily face!

Mitchs dad trying not to kill himself!

My Clappies!!!

Here is one of Karens races.


And here is Lily.

And heres Tim.

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