Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is REAL X-C.

Over the weekend I ran the Freezeroo 8 Mile race with Tom, Rob, and Leslie, who were nice enough to pace me the whole way since 8 miles is the longest ive EVER run. EVER. By half a mile. :D The weather was nasty. The race definatly deserved its Freezeroo title. It was cold and VERY windy. There was one long stretch of road right next to the lake, where the wind was blowing up snow in our faces and it was hard to see, we were drafting off eachother but it didnt do much good.

We were running on drifts of snow, it was like taking 2 steps foward and one back every time! We were running in a pack most of the race, probably up untill the 6 mile mark where Tom and Rob broke away and Leslie and me ran together untill the end. I ended up finishing in 1:52:02. You won't believe what the lead guy ran, he finished in something like 43 minutes!!! CRAZY good. I met him at the end, hes a nice guy, turns out he's friends with my XC coach. Man, hot chocolate never tasted so good.
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(Leslie and me finishing)

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