Friday, February 16, 2007


Ok. I bet I got you wondering. On thursday practice, we did an interval workout like allways. When you lap someone and need to pass them, you're supposed to yell "TRACK!" but this time I was completely exhausted and out of breath so my "TRACK!" was more like "ughtrackkkhhhhhh...". So my group (we are split into 2 groups that go one at a time) decided that it would be more fun to yell "PEANUT BUTTER!" and as confirmation the person being passed would yell "JELLY!". So as I got ready to make a pass on Steph, the coach was like "Ok Liz, yell track!" so I was like "PEANUT BUTTER!!" and she was like "JELLY!". It was HILARIOUS! The coach and the other group werent in on it so they were like "wtf, peanut butter??".

Just for backround info, I sing this song before races to get pumped, Rob helps. I'll find him in the heat box and i'll say "Guess what time it is?!" and he'll say "It's peanut butter jelly time!!" and then I made up a stupid dance for it that really gets the muscles warmed up. It's a strange dance though, mostly flailing the arms because it's too hard to dance with skates on. XD

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