Sunday, February 4, 2007


I went to the Syracuse meet yesterday, it wasnt that fun. Mostly because I was sick. Yup. Still sick from Lake Placid, even with the gallons of Zicam. The rink was smaller than normal too. It was a good day for Eleanor from syracuse though, she made the qualifying time for the america cup next year!!! WAY TO GO!! She will be training with us for a couple weeks over the summer, shes thinking of going to college here so she can train with a good team. I wasnt joking when I said RSST was the best arround! Im excited, Nationals is creeping ever closer!! Not only do I get to skate with really good skaters and improve my technique, I get to see Cherise Wilkins skate!! She is part of the RSST but shes beentraining in Colorado and Marquette and is now competing in the World Cup in the Netherlands and Hungary. I wonder what it takes to be that fast? Well, Im off to mentally prepare for next weeks Freezeroo 8 mile race....*hack* *cough*

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