Monday, May 16, 2011


This is the cake I made last night for Brittanys birthday today!! I made it all from scratch, no its not plastic haha. My first time rolling fondant. It was a little thick but still awesome. It was a chocolate butter cake with white almond frosting. I get to make another for Andreas birthday next week!

I didnt make a skydiving post or say anything about my birthday yet, so here it goes. I ended up jumping with Katy and Jerebelle, and Andrea, her mom, and KD were there watching. It was EPIC. Did a backflip out a plane at 13,000ft. No big deal. I decided to do it every year on my birthday I loved it so much. And I only have to do it once more tandem then I can fly solo! I have a video and pictures on a CD but my disc drive is broken so I can only post the pics we took on our phones. Later that day we went to see bridesmaids which was hilarious, I think everyone should go see it, and then Jun drove KD, Gabi and me in his new BMW hardtop convertible to a bar. My first legal drink was called a green swamp monster...dont ask me what was in it, I have no idea. But it was green, haha. I then played the best game of pool in my life. Good birthday :)

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Shannrrrn said...

Yay! Glad you had a good birthday. Also, that cake looks amazing! You should totally make me one like that for my birthday, but with pink flowers!! :D