Thursday, April 21, 2011

Im legit.

I got an email today telling me my blog has been featured on Online Universities' Best Speedskating Blogs!
They have me a sweet badge I put on the right sidebar!! ---------------->
I feel special now. Thanks!

In other news, finals are in 2 weeks, then we officially start training again, then I go skydiving, then I possibly drive to Iowa to visit my brother. My parents are driving out too. Cant wait for a break!
Tomorrow morning I go in for an EMG where they stick my foot with needles to stimulate the muscle and test how well my nerves are healing. It will be sooo much funnn.....not.... BUT now I will never have to go through a recovery like this again because I got Sebra cutproof leggings from Cascade Speedskates!! Im pretty sure because of my injury they're now making it mandatory for all short trackers to wear one of these, not sure if its the whole suit or just the legs, but your welcome short trackers!! :D

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