Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in the desert

Im back in SLC after a 2 week break (although I actually started this break a week before I left) back in NY. A much needed mental/physical break it was. It was awesome seeing all my friends again and sleeping in and eating junk like the old days. Aside from 1 spinning class I went to, I did absolutely nothing for 3 weeks. I definitely felt it my first practice this morning. It was horrible I thought I was gonna die! Its a combination of the being out of shape and the altitude. I figure in 2 or 3 weeks ill be back where I left off. If your a skater and wondering what Jun is having us do lately and what I came back to, this morning we did a warmup relay, 3 laps skulling/3 laps normal skating x3, then 2x 100 lap relays 4 person teams 1.5 laps, 5 lap cooldown. From what I hear this was an easy day LOL easy, thats funny. I guess thats because today he left out the 27 lappers which he would normally have us do in addition.

Anyway. The trip back. So my flight from roc to detroit was supposed to leave around 3pm. The plane to take us to detroit was stuck in detroit for some reason, weather maybe, and got there 3 hours later. This didnt worry me since I had a long layover in Detroit anyway and would still make the connection to SLC if I ran. But, over the intercom the pilot informs us that the paperwork has expired and it would be a "short moment" before we take off. So 25-30 min goes by. We move a little, he come on again. As you can see we need to be de-iced so itll be a "short moment" before we get on our way. 20 minutes goes by. I realize now that theres no way Ill make it. I get to detroit and were sitting on the plane waiting to get off. Captain comes on, sorry folks we need to wait until we get a jet bridge driver over here so we can de board. 10-15 more minutes go by. Im super pissed by this time because there are no more flights out to slc until the next morning and im a poor college student/ unsponsored athlete which means I cant get a hotel room. Im not expecting any vouchers or anything since airlines love to pull the weather card and deny responsibility for everything. I go to the desk and without even asking they rebook me for the first flight out, give me 2 food vouchers, a hotel voucher, plus moved me up to FIRST CLASS. Now THATS customer service.

First class was the most amazing thing ever. When I got on, they took our coats and offered us drinks other than the bottled water that was already in our seats. There was so much room in the seat that I was all sprawled out and there was still room to spare. When we took off they served a breakfast of cheerios, milk, yogurt, a bagel, and a bowl of cut melon, strawberries, blueberries and oranges. Its definitely the way to fly!!

First class. The seats were so big I couldnt even get the whole thing in the picture.

The thing I miss most about the east coast...TIM HORTONS.

My kitty Maya! She sits on the sink and waits for me to turn on the water so she can play with it and get a drink, HAHAHA.

Maya again.

I went to the pet store to look at the hamsters and they had these!!! LOL robo-hamsters...hahaha.

Went to a good korean place and ordered all the good stuff, bulgogi, kimchi jjigae (due to the lack of budae jjigae which I love), and bibimbap. Out of this picture are korean pancakes which are amazing. mmm

Me and my 3 best friends <3

The chocolate banana heart cake Meghan made me!

@ Javas

Cool Javas sign that only speaks the truth.

mmm Javas.

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First class, skating, Tim Horny's, kitties, coffee... oh my! Post more often pls. :)