Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bored on the Plane

Cool story...I get to the SLC airport and im standing there waiting to board. I look to the guy standing next to me as he does the same and we both are shocked! Turns out it was one of my high school friends Henry Bowen who I did stage crew with!! Small world... I said hey we should try to switch seats so we can sit next to each other. So he gets on first and im looking for my seat and find that our seats are already next to eachother! How weird is that? Anyway, it was a 5 hour trip to Cincinnati and another 2 to ROC so we got bored. What happens when I get bored on the plane? Thats right, I make good use of photo booth on my Macbook. Photo booth + old friend + 7 hours= craziness. And lots of

YEAAAHHHH!!! (lol this is my favorite...)

The guy in the backround kinda looks like Dr. Kutner from House, doesnt he?

This was hilarious... Henry fell asleep with his mouth open so I filled it with a bunch of little pieces of paper! When he woke up he spit it all out and it was all stuck to his gum!! HAHAHAHA!!!


Lisa said...

Great pictures. I have done that on so many flights. I am sure the other passengers are thinking, who is that chick in the business suit doing that?

kitty said...

wow i like the paper thing that is funny :)