Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween part 1

Weve already had our halloween party because we had some Australians/New Zealanders training with us that are leaving today for the World cup, and we wanted them to have the full halloween experience! Well probably do something again for tomorrow. I went dressed as a Candy raver (its a raver who dresses in neon colors, glow sticks, and an insane amount of bead bracelets that they share :)

Andrea makes a GREAT witch!


Group pics

THIS was the BEST costume ever. Mikey not only DRESSED like Jimmy (natl team asst coach) but he ACTED and TALKED like him too! It was super funny. Jimmys got this way of walking that he nailed. What made it perfect was mikey didnt even know what jimmy was wearing that day! He fooled a lot of people that night.

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Meghantron said...

you are the cutest candy raver EVER!
You should dress like that every day.