Friday, September 18, 2009


Remember Shannon, my roomie from freshman year? Well I have something to say to her mom, Mrs. Bee. I MISS YOUR COOKIES AND MUFFINS!! They were sooo delicious. I was just talking to Shannon and we were talking about the good ol days when you'd send her cookies and id sit there and eat them all. Hahaha!! Just thought Id share that with you.

Ps. If you ever feel like sending me your top secret muffin recipe, thatd be cool. :)


Deb said...

Hi Liz,
I am so happy that you like my muffins :-) Obviously for security reasons, I can't post the recipe here where the world can see it. I doubt most of your blogees have the appropriate clearance level for such information. However, I will e-mail it to your mail account.

Take Care,

Michael Looby said...

I'm glad you've stayed in touch with Shannon! She's good people!