Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Update on my life:

My graduation is this saturday at RIT, schools been out, I have no summer job because im leaving for SLC in about a month (assuming I can find a roommate) because we cant move into the dorms till late august, my dorm roomie is awesome, her name is shannon, from what I know of her she doesn't do sports, she likes italian, and she's afraid my bed will be cooler than hers if mine is lofted and hers isn't :P Ill get to meet her after my orientation which is July 8-11. I get to go rafting, rock climbing, hiking, all that good stuff!!

I just got a letter from the US Olympic Committee recognizing that I am an athlete in training and that I will receive in-state tuition at the University of Utah! I feel special. This is pretty cool, they said I am in a programme "which trains and prepares athletes for international and future Olympic competition." Is that where im going?!?! Wow! Now im kind of excited.

Still haven't decided if I will do long track or short track. Il probably try to do both until I absolutely have to pick. I have the build for long track and I HATE short track relays. But there still something about ST. We'll see!

My major: I told them it's sports sciences, but ill probably switch to environmental sciences, then after my first year I might just transfer to the culinary school! How cool would it be to major in cakes and minor in chocolate??

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