Saturday, May 12, 2007

HFL Invite

It was a crazy good meet. And crazy LONG. We were there at 430 and didnt get back till 11:30. It was really cool, HFL has a scoreboard with a clock so when your racing you can see the time. During my 400 in the last 100m I was watching the time, 57..58..59..60!!! Yup, this years PB, 60sec flat. I came in 2nd. Ansis was there with E.Roc and was exploding bottles near people which was exciting. Him, kierstin and me played frisbee after and then Kyle came up to me all excited and was like OMG join the frisbee team!! So starting this summer kierstin and me will be on the Mendon Frisbee Team, LOL.

When we were all on the bus someone had a big bag of oranges, and the boys were throwing the peels out the window (a piece hit some Sutherland kid lol) and coach DeJoy come in and SCREAMS like ive never heard him scream before!! He was SO pissed, he ordered everyone (directed at the boys) off the bus to pick up the peels or we didnt go home. But people were so scared that everyone got off and he turned arround and screamed at all the girls to get back on the bus so we sat there and listened to coach scream at them for a good 10 min at the top of his lungs. Then they got back on and the bus was silent for a while except for the radio..then I sang along with "She's So High Above Me" XD

Meet Times:

400m: 60 sec!!!
4x4 relay: 4:20
4x4 relay (my split): about 62

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