Wednesday, March 21, 2007

North Americans

HELLZ YEAH!!! Best time of my life. On the way there we watched Crank, which had to be the most innapropriate movie ive ever watched, but it was HILARIOUS. "What did YOU do last night?". I didnt come in last or get lapped in the 3000, got a 5 sec. PB in the 1500, a 53 in the 500 (about 2 sec off my time). Poor Mitch fell in one of his races and broke his leg, he got plates screwed in and should be skating next season. I bet he'll come back even faster! Ansis is the champion in the Junior division! WOHOO! Craig brought home some bling too! AND both he and Cathy set a few records! This team rocks.
I have to say though the best part was the hibachi. We went with about 16 people from RSST and Syracuse. I ate all my food and Marty told me to finish the rest of his too *explodes* but it was VERY good. I got the hibachi chicken. I fell for that thing where they pretend like theyre squirting sauce at you but string comes out instead LOL.
At the hotel we met this crazy kid from Alberta, I wanted to smack him in the face because he kept poking me. I was sitting down watching a race and he comes up, pokes me and I spaz and fall down. Yes, I fell sitting down, dont ask how it happened. Thats another thing, I forget how this happened but suddenly some certain people find out how ticklish I am and thought it would be funny to wait untill I was in the car, cornered and restrained with a seatbelt. I nearly pissed myself. This happened again during a group picture, I probably look like im on something, cant wait to see it!

On the way back we ate at this restaurant and Jim calls. We pass the phone arround the table and it's my turn to talk to him. What does he say? "Liz, don't order the french fries," "Dont worry, I hate french fries." (as im about to take a bite of mashed potatoes and gravy) "Dont' eat the gravy on the mashed potatoes!" Thanks Jim!!
On the way back we Marty made us watch Flash Gordon, Never again will I forget the cheesiest theme song in history "FLASH! ahhh!! He's a mericllleeee!!" We also enjoyed watching the races that were taped, the commentary was pretty funny. We got back at arround 3am, Ansis and me were high on caffine and Timbits, I didnt sleep till about 4. But I have to say, thoes were the most entertaining 18 hrs in a car Ive ever experienced. Thank you mr. DVD player!!!

I have to add something about the 3000, I was not looking foward to it, I did not think I would get a good time and I thought I would get lapped. But Marty told me that I could win it, Im thinking "Damn, I can beat Bizz?" So I went in feeling pretty confident, but then the 3 other skaters set a crazy fast pace so Im worried about keeping up. I stay close behind untill about lap 18 and they take off. By this time Im dying , my legs are heavy, Im breathing hard, I can hardly do crossovers without lifting my legs with my hands. Ive NEVER felt like this skating before. I couldnt hear the audience or the announcer, all I could hear was Ansis yelling to get my arms off my back, keep going! I finished with a 5:57! The coaching REALLY helped, and if I didnt go in thinking I might be able to win it, I would have ducked into last place and given up. So thank you Marty and Ansis. Im going to work hard this summer so I can be someone next season!

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