Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Something's Missing...

I had a pretty good time at the Eastern states meet in Saratoga. It was fun watching the America Cup 3 skaters, DAMN they're good!! During a 3000 this one skater broke away and went full out, his plan was to catch up to the back of the pack again and draft. Once he got there everyone was screaming and cheering, it was really amazing. With about 9 or 10 laps to go he sprinted again and won by a lap or two. CRAZY GOOD!!

My races were ok, I won all of them again except for the 1st 777m final where I fell. Im sick of getting empty trophies, I hardly even work for them. In the 1500m I even lapped a couple people. They keep putting me in open B. If I were in open A, not only would I go faster because id have competition but id learn something. By something I mean something. My coach was trying to explain to me that I was missing something in my races but couldnt quite get it out in words, he said something like "I wish I could just jump in your body and show you what it feels like to skate like them, then you'd know". I think I know what hes talking about. I think its as simple or as complicated as getting "fired up". Its something I know nobody can explain to me, Ill have to learn it by skating with better skaters, thats why ive decided to skate at Nationals. I qualified for them, but im definatly at the bottom of the pack. I know ill only skate 3 heats, but thats better than winning an easy gold at Empire State Games. Before the eastern states meet I was torn between Nationals and ESG's, everyone was saying how fun the ESG's were and how you get cool warm-ups and how its like a mini-olympics. But after I saw the Am. Cup skaters I knew thats where I wanted to be, and I can't get there from open B.

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