Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Fast And The Frigid

I did a 5k yesterday, race 3 of the Freezeroo. On the way there I got a flat tire going over a deep hole, but didnt notice it untill I got there. I was all good though, my mom called and had it fixed while I raced. We had a nice group of RSST people there, Kathy let me use her Lake Placid USA headband, it made me feel special XD. The weather...*sigh* was hailing for the first part, it was VERY wet out from the melted snow and VERY cold. Especially when it started snowing in the middle, the snow melted on us and it became even more wet. The snow caked all over my glasses and when I went to brush it off it melted and I got streaks everywhere and couldnt see :( . The more I race the more I think it would be a wise decision to invest in some contacts. I ended up getting 21:17, 16 seconds slower than my last 5k (I bet its because I went to skating practice before the race, we did a workout :D). Oh well, thats what XC is all about. Ya know what sucks? I got passed by the guy with the baby stroller. Every RSST runner has gotten passed by this guy at least once in a race. I won my age group anyway! Tom (skating coach) has been trying to get me to sign up for the series instead of the individual races ,ive won 2 out of 2 races so far so if I were to sign up for the series id get prize money at the end : ). After the race I gave in and signed up.

Theres this guy I met at the last race, the 7.5 miler, he was following me just about the whole race and at the end, probably the last .5 mi. he runs ahead of me, then I kick in and beat him. So at this race, I see him again at the start and hes like "Oh..its YOU again.." LOL! so im ahead of him the whole race again, then last .5 mile he catches up to say "hi". We ran next to eachother untill the last 400m then I sprinted and beat him again! XD He wants a rematch, so ill see him at the next race. You know what? I LOVE Skeleton. Or Cresta, whichever you prefer. I like to say Cresta. Thats a sport I DEFINATLY need to try sometime. Im thinking...Lake placid in 2 weeks :D

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