Sunday, October 10, 2010


Not drugged up this time I dont think. Heres what ive been doing...

Jen from Center state was staying with us for the USS board meeting this weekend and she washed my hair for me! :) It was getting real nasty. And yesterday my mom got lost for 4 hours so no one was home to make me lunch. Thats when I put up a status on facebook asking someone to help the hungry cripple which is pathetic and funny at the same Simon came over with subway and saved me from starvation, thanks Simon!
KD and Andrea stopped by with a bunch of toys and I made playdoh replicas of Gumbi and Pokey.

Ahhh boredom.

I also made caricatures of Mikey and Jun which I dont have pics of but theyre pretty cool.
Ive been seeing this acupuncture lady thats been sticking needles in me and doing some sound and laser therapy on my leg, thats been interesting. Im also seeing Dr. Heiden. We havent started anything yet but im thinking this week ill be doing something. Cant wait to get on my feet again, im so sick of laying down. My legs are super restless, even the hurt one but I cant move it if I try. I got some meds for it since it was making it so I couldnt sleep, but they made me feel horrible.
I still cant feel the bottom of my foot but its tingling a lot, which is good. The tingling is starting to hurt a lot which is funny...the cut area doesnt hurt at all but my foot, the innocent bystander does...

Alsoooo... If you want to see the video of my crash, Tony Chung posted it on youtube. Be warned though, I hear its a little graphic.
(I cant get the link to work so copy paste this)
I havent watched it yet though, Im gonna wait a little bit. So dont spoil the ending for me :P


ClpX said...

Do you have RLS?

Deb said...

Thanks for keeping us informed of your recovery :-) It sounds like you are doing pretty well.

So muffins and cookies are out, how about some apples from the local farm market?

I tried the link to the uTube video without any luck. I did a couple searches and couldn't find it either. What should I search for to find it?

Take Care,

Deb said...

Hi Liz,

Well, it looks like it has been about a month since the accident. How are you doing? I miss your posts and wonder how you are getting along.