Thursday, August 12, 2010

Im alive!

Ive been lazy about posting but I have all day off today so I have no excuse now.
So Mike Kooreman is our coach now, he was our coach before Jun now hes back. His coaching style is a complete 360 from what Jun was like, I dont think any of us are used to the niceness yet, haha! We miss Jun no matter how strict he was. Mike is great too though. The other day we had to do 12x 200m low walks. after the 3rd one I was dead and when I got to my 9th one everyone else had already finished and left but Mike stayed there and even did the last one with me to make sure I finished it and didnt wuss out, LOL.

Being badass at practice.

What else....I went back home last month which was fun. Saw my friends, went to our camp in the ADKs, ate real maple syrup, drank real coffee, hung out at Wegmans, good stuff.

Went to the Aledphi for coffee and maple juleps lol

This is my first ever attempt at making a campfire by myself, not too shabby.

Clarissa and me!

Katy crashed in practice the other day and her face is all ice burned and she sprained her ankle which I felt compelled to take a picture of cuz it looks like a

Gabi is moving back to Cali to go to school and Mikey will be Juns and my new roomie.

I have just experimented with dinner tonight, which is in the oven as I type. I think I just made this recipe up... Its broccoli (which I just learned you can cook in the microwave), cream of celery soup, milk, garlic salt, and pepper all mixed together in a bread pan topped with italian bread crumbs. Itll be done in a few min, I hope it tastes good!


Meghantron said...

I feel like Rochester didn't get enough love in this entry. ;)
Was your food monster tasty?

Dorfak Summit said...

very nice pics , well done .