Saturday, May 9, 2009


So alot has happened since my last post but I dont have internet now so ill smush everything into this post. Here goes:

- I moved out of the dorms into a house with some other skaters and my coach near the oval

My new room, complete with giant leaf canopy courtesy of IKEA. Your jealous.

- I dont have internet
- On my birthday, I went out for korean food and bubbletea! Got a heart rate monitor, an rei gift certificate, and a Sigg filled with dark chocolate and peanut MMs!


Korenglish menu..mmm "dumprings"!

- Practice has been a b*tch, im so sore all the time that sitting on the toilet is (again) NOT an option most of the time... itll pay off next season, thats what I tell myself :)
- Last sunday I climbed Mt Olympus (elev. 9500ft, 4500 ft gain) with Garrett and our friend Rachel. When we reached the top we saw a storm crusin across the valley. We got below the snow line before it hit us, but we were on a rock face and the trail we were on was a stream. Nice. We flew down that Mtn like no other with lightning above our heads, got drenched, but also got some nice pics and a couple videos!

Chillin on the couch rock.

We made Rachel carry all our stuff, shes training to be a mtn guide in CO!

Rain dance!

Massive storm

- Im trying to get a job at Ben & Jerrys
- That job is more important now than ever...because SOMEONE STOLE MY CANNONDALE R600 THIS MORNING. Yes. Someone went into the bike storage room and cut the lock on my bike, and apparently everyone elses too. Im extremely upset, that bike was my baby, I even named it, "B3" (check the old post about b3 with pics). I went and ate a whole container of ben & jerrys. It was the first big thing I ever bought with my own money. Well I paid for half and my parents paid for half as a christmas present, but still alot of money, I pretty much emptied my savings for that bike...Id say what id do to this thief if I ever found out who it was, but my plan is so graphic, violent, twisted, and horrifying id probably get arrested for (you pick..murder/torture/violation of human rights etc)...
- To top off my morning I got locked out of the house after everyone left to go bike riding.

Timpanogos trailhead, still too snowy to climb :(

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Meghan said...

That storm looks terrifying o.o
sorry about B3!!! :(
that sucks a lot.