Wednesday, December 10, 2008

North American Champers (now with skating pics from Craig)

I loved seeing the ROC team as always, and I passed off the McDreamy (greys anatomy) doll (picture below) to Lily. (Were sharing custody, we switch every meet).
AND! I was placed in the Senior group which meant I had to skate against the natl team members...yikes...but it was awesome because I was in the same group as Cherise! Ive never skated her before, so I was excited to see how id hold up against her speedyness. I was like "Cherise...its goin down..." and she was like "Oh it is?" im like "Yes. You'd better get mentally prepared for this..." HAHA. I knew I couldn't even touch her but I told myself I could skate just as fast and after that gun went off for the 1000m I chased her as hard as I could, which got me a PB by 2 seconds! And I was only 2 seconds behind! Thanks for the motivation Cherise!
Mikey pulled a Bradbury and won after everyone in his heat fell in the last corner...he even threw in a dramatic kick out, haha!!


Heres McDreamy, someone decided to hide him on the wall.

Our kickass ride to the hotel.

Proof that I was on that bus too.

We had so many knocks on our door we decided to make a sign.


I am 1st on the left, Cherise is 2nd from the right in the blue.


Anonymous said...

awesome job - congrats. I want you to know that I took 1st place in my old man age group today at the 1st freezeroo of the season - a 5 miler (6:27 pace) - so I am trying to repeat your feat of winning the series - tee hee.

Liz said...

Dang! Thats awesome! But I don't recall winning the series.... I don't think I did all the races, freezeroo is the BEST.