Saturday, October 4, 2008

LT Time Trials

I raced the 500 and the 1000. But mostly the 1000....I just used the 500 as a warmup, HA that 500 was the most awkward race ever. I tripped like 5 times in the first straightaway! I wanted to get a 1:27 in the 1000 to qualify for the A group at American cup, or a 1:29 to be able to skate A group practice ice at the oval. I was REALLY happy with my time, 1:29.???, I was a couple hundredths off that qualifying time...but still, PB by about 6 seconds!!! (Got a PB in the 500 too by a second). I think there are more TT's next weekend ill try for sub 1:29!

I found a new hobby, UNICYCLING!!!! Fun but It takes mad skillz. Mad skillz I don't have.

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