Monday, March 10, 2008


So basically the fun started at the airport when we got there and realized our plane leaves in 10 minutes, we get put in the high security line, and Lily (who was traveling with us) got out of the puffer and touched her boots which triggered this alert in the minds of the guards who freak out and sick an agent on her to do a head to toe search. We got a different flight but our luggage was on its way to Chicago! We got very lucky and met up with our gear in MKE. We stayed in the dorms with Craig, Ryan, Ansis, Mikey and his dad. IT WAS AWESOME!! Besides finding Ansis's boxers in my pillowcase, my turtle Nurf on the toilet, getting my mattress flipped over (while on it), sheets stolen, and tickled to death and not sleeping we had fun!! Especially with the whoopie cushion ;)

Now for the skating.... the ice was kinda crap but I managed to get a PB in the 1000!!! (1:44.8) That made it all worth it. I made it to 2 finals, one 1500 and one 1000. I guess you could call the 3000 a final too. Our makeshift western NY relay team got first by some miracle in the heat and possibly 3rd in the final...NO IDEA how that happened!! It was Sara from michigan, Lily, Cherise, and me. Cherise was the one who pulled us together and did all the work lol! We dont practice relays so I kept falling while getting pushed, missing passes, pushing after the gun, etc. How we managed to not get DQd? I don't know.

About the med tent thing...I was sharpening my blades when I noticed a streak of blood on the stone, I look at my hand and its covered in blood and all over the floor!! So I run out to Mr. Burdekin to get a band aid and people freak out and Mikey sends me to the medical area. It looked worse than it was, no stitches! But it really stings today!!

After the last day of racing we all went bowling!!! Mikey won, followed by his dad (Mike) and then my dad (Mike) LOL. Before we went to the hotel Lily and me downed a tub of Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia. Awesome.

As of right now our flight for 830 this morning which we got up at 430 to catch is cancelled and were stuck in the airport for (if we get lucky) 6 hours (or if we don't get the standby flight) 10 HOURSSSS AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

(as for pictures, blogger wont let me upload so ill add later!!)

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