Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Baking...

I found this amazing site while looking for cookie recipes, Joy of Baking...this has to be the best baking site out there!!! I found a Hot Cocoa recipe (which I modified to make better :P)

2.5 Tbl cocoa powder
1.5 Tbl Agave nectar
1.5 c milk

What you do is in your favorite big mug/cup (its better if its thick, the thicker/heavier/stronger the drink, the thicker the cup should be!) you make a paste out of the cocoa powder, agave nectar and a little milk. You heat the 1.5c milk on the stove until its really hot, then mix it in with the paste. If you like it thick and fluffy put it in the blender. Another thing that makes it better is adding a pinch of chili pepper.

You may be wondering why the appearance of the cup matters, well, it just does. Trust me, if you have a really nice cup it just makes the cocoa taste better!

Heres a picture of mine!

Maybe it should be a little thicker, but its dark and light at the same time with cool patterns and I love it! It's so big it might also double as a bowl. I got this at Ikea, the coolest store on the FACE OF THE EARTH.

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